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The Foundation for the Study of Literature and Environment

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    The term ecocriticism, in general, is defined as the study of literature and the physical environment together. However, in its larger context, it could be seen as incorporating with the numerous...
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    In India there are two affiliated Chapters of ASLE (the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment): ASLE-India (established in 2006) and OSLE (established in 2005). Since October 2011, ASLE-Delhi...
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Book Release-Report

FSLE-I Global Congress 2018 [CFP] [Postponement Notice]

FSLE-India got the International Affiliate status by ASLE-US

CFP– An edited book titled Ecofeminist Science Fiction 

Report- International Conference on Ecocriticism 

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“I love this movement (LEGH) for a number of reasons- I am an environmentalist since I was a 7 year old child, without knowing it, as I planted many trees in my barren school yard on the island of Zante (in the Ionian Sea).” Read More

  • Roula Pollard, Greece

Global Congress 2018 Punjab

FSLE-India & Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar, Punjab jointly organize Global Congress on Sustainable Development: The Vedic Way April 11-12, 2018 Venue: Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar, Punjab About College Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya is a leading...
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Literature, Environment, Gender and Human Rights

FSLE-India stands for the Foundation for the Study of Literature and Environment-India (nѐe ASLE-Delhi).

Since October 2011, ASLE-Delhi has been a chapter of ASLE-India. However, after a formal meeting of various scholars of Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University held in April 2015 the idea to form an international organization parallel to ASLE-India came out and this was appreciated and approved by Dr. Murali Sivramakrishnan, the Founder President, ASLE-India and Chief Advisor, ASLE-Delhi. The Committee was headed by the Zonal Joint Secretary of ASLE-India, Rishikesh Kumar Singh, an Ecocritic, a researcher and counselor based in New Delhi and constituted of eleven scholars from different parts of the country. Eventually, In August 2016 ASLE-Delhi has formed its own Executive Council and appointed one Joint Secretary in each state of India (except Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh- In these states two joint secretaries are to be appointed) to meet its various academic goals. Additionally ASLE-Delhi also appoints three to five Coordinating Officers/ Coordinators in each state to work parallelly to the Joint Secretaries and to synchronize with them in any project or assignment.

On February 06, 2017 during a seminar held at Bharati College, University of Delhi, in its first GBM (General Body Meeting), the Executive Council of ASLE-Delhi has decided to rename it as FSLE-India (Foundation for the Study of Literature and Environment-India) to fulfill its pan-Indian reception.

On November 10, 2017 FSLE-India got its International Affiliate Status by ASLE-US. This Approval provides the organization as an International Body. 

FSLE-India (nѐe ASLE-Delhi) is as an open academic forum for creative interaction among intellectuals, academicians, environmental activists, naturalists, nature-lovers, and those involved and earnestly dedicated to these issues and who are receptive and undogmatic to one another’s individuality and their standpoints. It intends to amalgamate two relevant issues Gender and Human Rights with Literature and Environment primarily initiated by Rishikesh Kumar Singh what he calls it the LEGH Movement (Literature, Environment, Gender and Human Rights). This is the first venture of its kind where all the four issues are juxtaposed together. This specialty makes this movement relevant.

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Literature, Environment, Gender and Human Rights